Day 3 of 3: It’s Final Presentation Time!


After 54 hours, here are the 19 teams that will make their final pitches this afternoon:

  • PET SHOPPE – a simple Web Application that focuses on pet adoption
  • SMS ALERTS – a way of turning and controlling energy in a building
  • FISSHT – Kickstarter for marine conservation
  • THE VP – a volunteer portal that we give one NGO that fits you
  • WOW SPACE – all in one mobile application that cater the needs of Overseas Filipino Workers(OFWs)
  • JUST BOUGHT – review items by their perceived value instead of stars or 1-10 scale
  • GASLISTERS – a start up that focuses on the most economical prices of the gas station in near by using geo location
  • SENTI – allows businesses to monitor insights about their brand.
  • HOLY GRAIL – online personal make-up shopper.
  • SQUELA – Eventbrite for Learning, Online Marketplace for offline classes
  • HIRE NINJA – a mobile recruitment application for ninja hiring
  • FOURGREDIENTS – the AIRBNB for food
  • METROPLATE – mobile application which aims to adopt to our markets fast paced lifestyle by providing them the ability to order food in advance to fit in to their tight schedule
  • CERTIFIED POSITIVE – a fun and interactive way to journey with Jesus daily
  • JUNK CONNECT – recycling made easy
  • KONTRATISTA – contractor and supplier online network
  • TALENTMAN – business management software that helps talent agencies manage and analyze their business online
  • SNIPE LEADS – a start up that crowdsources sales development SME’s providing sources
  • OPEN SHELVES – a community of book lovers who share their collection, insight and books of one another

Who will the winners for this edition of Startup Weekend Manila? Stay Tuned!