Pitching Tips from Frank!


Pitching Tips from Frank!

We start our tech dry run at 10AM. There will be a sign up sheet, first-come-first-serve basis.

Pitching to judges start at 3PM but we will call reps from the teams as early as 2PM. You have 4 minutes to pitch and 1 minute for Q&A.

Tell a story (preferably your story) that inspired the products creation or explains the pain.

Sell on the future and potential – Don’t waste too much time on financial projections, its not critical – Hit judging criteria points : business model / executions / design – Local demos / tech checks – 1 person talks

If you have a demo, do it early in the presentation

During Q&A anyone from the team can answer questions

Suggestion is to just have 5-7 slides

1.Intro – Tagline, Story behind idea

2. Market: Who are you targeting / What is the potential / Market Size # !

3. Research – Who you talked to, What you tried to find out, what validatiom

4. Product : Demo / how it works / how you incorporated feedback

5. Business Model : how you make money

6. Future : How you get customers / what this can grow into

7. Team : Who is on the team and why they are the right ones to make this work

Good luck guys!